Are you planning for a trip with buddies?? 6 Tips to stay sane and make your trip Memorable..

Are you planning for a trip with buddies?? 6 Tips to stay sane and make your trip Memorable..

  1. Set a budget and everyone must agree on a budget
  2. Pre-plan some activities
  3. Have a leader
  4. Align your expectations And set boundaries of your time.
  5. split up
  6. Be flexible and have patience

Set a budget and everyone must agree on a budget

Money is the big deal when it comes to travel. If you are discussing the trip budget, avoid the confusing group texts and conference phone calls, talk about it face to face. First, Figure out the per person budget and then make a budget plan in google docs will let everyone keep track of expenses and check if you need more money, ask for more contribution and everyone must agree on that budget list that will make everyone happy.

Pre-plan some activities

If you are planning for a terrific trip, pre-plan some activities at an initial level like advance flight and hotel booking as if you have more than a certain number of people you may able to get some discounts. And, make a list of activities that you and your group desperately want to do. Don’t be so panic and over-ambitious with planning because sometimes the best things happen by chance.

Have a Leader

For a group trip, It is best to appoint a leader who takes the burden of researching, planning and booking your trip. He must be able to organize a group trip, group activities, and manage all people.

If having one person as a leader seems a bit much, you could hire a different person as a group leader or you can also have different people in charge of different aspects of group activities. For example, one for researching and managing activities, one for accommodation, and others for planning and booking, etc. You can, in any case, talk about and admit to the last decisions as a gathering, however it will imply that the work isn’t done by one individual and that everything gets organized! And, also appoint a decision-maker or have a method for making decisions. It’s easier to sort all of this right at the beginning and not waste your time on vacation trying to figure out how to do things!

Align your expectations And set boundaries of your time

There are two types of traveler: the one who wants to relax and the other one who wants to go and enjoy. These two types can be like salt and pepper or oil and water that means can go together or simply not mix. In that case, the most important thing is communication. The expectation must be limited which helps you to keep calm and enjoy the trip.

If you think you have no time for yourself and you are an introvert, plan your time, so the trip doesn’t become terrifying and unfortunate, figure out the things that you want to do alone and what you don’t want to do. Take your time and enjoy yourself…

Split up

In a group, everyone has their views, ideas and activities list. So, as a group member doesn’t mean you need to stick together. If you can’t conclude then don’t do a debate with others, just split up according to whatever everyone wants to do. But your communication must be strong. Just spend your whole day according to your list and enjoy the vacation with no regrets!

Be flexible and have patience

The most important thing when you are traveling as a group member. You may experience friction, hurt or anger no matter how much you discuss in advance but Sometimes things will go opposite from your expectations but you have to work patiently. And this helps you realistically manage expectations. Group trips with friends all about give and take.

Travel, in general feels very good but traveling solo can be an enriching experience. So, what are you waiting for? No excuses! Which is that one place you always wanted to go? Why not does it solo! Let’s start packing.

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