Things to do in Toronto in December!


Things To Do In Toronto In December

Toronto is not just any city: a cultural and social melting pot, a walking maze of skyscrapers, national museums and a constantly growing hub of entertainment of all genres, Toronto seemed to have everything for everyone. I wanted to see what was in it for me, and I am happy I did! If you ever plan to visit Toronto and winter is approaching, don’t give up! Here are my 3 top recommendations of things to do in Toronto in December.

The Toronto Christmas Market (TCM)

The Toronto Christmas Market (TCM) was at the top of my list of things to do in Toronto in December. I had read about it online, watched pictures on different websites and I was very eager to go. The Christmas lights that decorate all the stalls make you feel like you’re in a truly enchanted place. The lovely music played all around the distillery music keeps your spirit alive. As you walk through the different stands, your heart jumps of joy. You want to see more. You want to feel more. You want to experience more. And when you start to feel the cold that is expected when visiting Toronto in December, you can indulge in a warm cup of tea (or coffee for the coffee lovers) at any of the stalls you see! And don’t get me started on all the culinary aromas that would entice on your sense of smell and excite your palate: the winter wind carries them from every corner of the market, and brings them in your direction. If you’re like me, it would be difficult to resist. So let yourself go, it’s Christmas. Taste the freshly grilled bratwurst hot dogs, the cinnamon-spiced pastries and all the other delectable treats that Toronto has to offer at Christmas!

Canada is known to be a particularly cold country. However, December adventures in Toronto can be pretty enjoyable. Just make sure to keep the following in mind:

  1. Pack warm items — basically, all the essentials that you usually need to survive the winter. Even though December is not extremely cold, it is better to be over prepared than to to be freezing cold everywhere you go.
  2. Make a budget — I found shopping and food to be generally pricier in Canada (compared to the USA). With that in mind, make sure you make an estimate budget for all your expenses. Also, you should keep in mind that the sales tax is about 13%. So add it to all your expenses.
  3. Consider taking the Union-Pearson (UP)Train from the Airport to the Union Station — The UP train is extremely convenient and inexpensive when it comes to getting downtown Toronto from the airport. It costs about 12.35 CAD, which is three times cheaper than what you would pay if you were to get a cab to the city. Plus, the UP train drops you at the Union Station downtown. From there, you can literally go anywhere.
  4. The city is culturally diverse, and bigger than you think — In fact, the entire population is estimated at about 6 million. Make sure you don’t get lost!

The CF Toronto Eaton Center

There is something magical about stepping in a shopping center and seeing it come alive with all the Christmas lights. If you absolutely don’t have enough time to visit Toronto in December, but you still want to feel the Christmas spirit, then head over to the CF Toronto Eaton Center. It is a great spot to hang out, take pictures, get warm (of course, this is important). It is also the largest shopping center in Toronto, named after Eaton (the largest shopping chain in Canada).

What does this mean? Simply put, if you were planning on doing some light (or heavy shopping during your stay in Toronto), this is The place to go. And like many other malls in Canada, they have the option of “visiting Santa”. This could be particularly exciting for the kids. You can check out the opening hours and directions to the CF Toronto Eaton Center on their official website.

Evergreen Brickwork’s Winter Village

It’s no surprise that Evergreen Brickworks would be home to one of Toronto’s first winter village, considering it is already full of amazing greenery and the cutest vendors. The winter village will be opening Saturday December 10th, and the best part is….Admission is free!

This is an awesome event to bring all your foodie friends to. There will be over 15 food vendors including Eva’s Original Chimney Stacks, The Grand Electric, Hogtown Smoke, Wafel Bar and many more. You’ll also be able to enjoy all these meals while sitting fireside with all your loved ones!

The winter village will also be a great spot to get started on your holiday gift shopping! The Makers Markey is partnered with Etsy, and will offer tons of handmade gifts ready for purchase.

There will also be an ice rink for everyone to enjoy, so don’t forget your skates!

Savour Your Next Holiday To Canada

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