Any trip is incomplete if you do not buy local souvenirs. This helps you to remember the place and also take in a part of their culture. If you have been travelling abroad, many of your friends and family would expect you to get them something- be it a small fridge magnet of that place or some chocolate or candies. Your journey is incomplete if you have not visited a local shopping mall and taken in all the various cultural activities that are present there. If you are on a trip to Canada, you can take in the local culture and cuisine at the various malls across the city. If you happen to be staying at Etobicoke, here are the top shopping malls that you can visit there.

Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair

This is a huge Woodbine Mall that caters to everyone at the Rexdale Boulevard in Etobicoke. Here, you can find various small businesses selling you everything from small toys to large meals. This mall also has a cinema where you can watch the best movies from all across the world. Throughout the year, there are many activities conducted by local businesses which can keep you entertained. For the kids too, you have joyrides that they will love. Nothing will make you feel better than a meal in the mall with a few entertainment options. For your convenience, the mall provides you with various services which include wheelchair and stroller facilities, ATMs, Restrooms, Taxi services and much more.

Sherway Gardens

Located at 25, the West Mall, Sherway Gardens is a large mall that has everything you need. In this mall, you can purchase almost anything under the sun, while also getting yourself activities to unwind. There are many things that you can experience here which might not be possible at your place. The mall regularly holds various kinds of art installations based on the time of the year and the festivals that come and go. Though the Sherway Gardens is only one floor high, there is a lot to do and experience here, you are sure to go with the best memories while you are here. Additionally, there are various activities that you can do while at the mall. Your visit to this mall would be memorable to say the least.

Quinte Mall

Though a little far from Etobicoke this is a must visit Quinte Mall. Here, you have more than 150 stores offering you almost everything that you yearn for. This is a family entertainment mall where you can get all the best entertainments for you, your parents and the kids. Located at North Front Street Belleville, this mall can be visited at any time of the week. To make your day, the mall offers various services like family-friendly washrooms, lockers, free usage of wheelchairs, strollers and electric scooters besides providing you with post offices and other facilities. This mall is so big that walking around it would be walking an entire kilometer! If bringing your family, do ensure you know which stores you want to visit so that you can check the location at the map at the entrance of the mall and walk to your destination. Generally, when we talk of malls, many people in developing countries know them to be a place for foreign brands. In many places, these malls are considered to be very expensive and only accessible to the rich. Here in Etobicoke and other places in Canada, you will have the best time of your lives in these malls- here there are many local businesses which let you get the best of both worlds- international brands as well as local brands. Enjoy your time at these malls, you would love the Canadian hospitality that these shopping centers offer.