Halloween is one of North America’s most popular festivals. It is a festival where people remember the dead and all of that which is related to it. Many people across the world know about this festival through Hollywood, which has been at the forefront in promoting American culture worldwide. In the States and in Canada, Halloween is one festival that is celebrated not only by individuals but also by companies, theme parks and other establishments. Many theme parks celebrate the festival to give people a respite from their daily routine of work, home and work.

How Canada’s Wonderland celebrate Halloween

In one of the biggest theme parks in the world, Canada’s Wonderland shows you just how to celebrate this festival. Their Halloween Haunt event runs for one month this year- starting from September 27 to October 27, 2019. At the Wonderland, you will be spoilt for choice with the attractions that are available here. The whole month you will find some of the best monsters and other attractions that will scare you to the core. Halloween is one holiday which is eagerly awaited by one and all. Young children go door to door dressed up in Halloween costumes and ask for treats. Using this occasion, many people play pranks on each other. Yet others decorate their homes and offices with Halloween memorabilia like Jack-o-lanterns and other items. Festivals in the States and Canada are celebrated quite differently. Here, many of the festivals are celebrated by one and all, and each organization celebrates festivals like Halloween and Christmas differently. For many people, festivals are a time to relax, rejuvenate and meet friends and relatives. There isn’t any other time when everyone is together to celebrate happiness on certain days but festivals.

About Halloween


We know about this festival by whatever we see in Hollywood movies. There is a lot to know about Halloween than what we see in popular culture. Halloween isn’t just an American festival, it is also celebrated widely in Europe and other countries. It falls on 31st October, on the day of the fest of All Hallows Day. It is a time to remember the dead and pay homage to them. Many pious Christians even go vegetarian on this day, having pancakes and other yummy vegetarian items on this day. This festivals rituals have historic roots. What we now know as Halloween was traditionally celebrated across Wales, Ireland and England as the first day of the start of winter.

What visitors to Canada can expect

Visitors to Canada can expect the complete Halloween experience. This is absolutely true especially for those of you wanting to know more about this festival. You can get the best experiences of Halloween only at Canada’s Wonderland, a theme park that you might not find anywhere else.