How To Plan A Happy Weekend


Here's how to plan a happy weekend

Write Down One Thing That Made You Happy Yesterday

Grab a piece of paper or open a blank document on your screen. Take two minutes to list anything that made you truly happy over the last 24 hours.If limiting yourself to yesterday is too challenging, try to list things over the past week or two that made you happy. Did you take a moment to watch the sunset? Did you watch a great movie with your significant other while snuggled on the couch. Keep reflecting until you have at least one thing written down. Go ahead . . . I’ll wait!

Add Any Things That Make You Think, “This is life!

List something you can do/create/indulge in that brings you joy. These can be relatively commonplace things that could make you stop and say to yourself, “Ahhhh . . . THIS is Life!”If you are feeling inspired, add several items to your list in this category of everyday joy, but try to aim for at least three.

Add People Who Love You

As you brainstormed your this-is-life moments, hopefully at least a couple of these moments involved people from your inner circle—those who love you no matter what and know the way you’re wired. Connecting to people who embrace you unconditionally is essential to your happiness.Go back to your list, and write down the names of at least a couple people who love you the most (parent, significant other, sibling, child, friend, niece/nephew, co-worker . . . define your own posse!). Then beside each name write your favorite way to connect with them.

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