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Interesting Facts About Christmas In Canada

Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade

Annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade has been enjoyed by millions for more than a century. More than a half million attend in person, and it’s televised (some years internationally.) The parade was started in 1905 as a publicity stunt by the Timothy Eaton Department store. The first year Santa arrived on foot, but by 1910 he was in a carriage was drawn by 8 reindeer imported from Labrador. With funding by Eaton’s for 77 years, the parade continued to grow in popularity and size, adding floats with nursery rhyme characters, bands, etc. It’s become the world’s longest-running kids’ parade.

Boston Christmas Tree Lighting

Tree is traditional in Nova Scotia to donate the largest Christmas tree to Boston every December in gratitude for their help in the Halifax Explosion. In December 1917, two vessels collided in the Halifax harbour, igniting the fuel and ammunition in one of the vessels’ cargo holds.The result of this led to 2,000 deaths and another 9,000 wounded. Boston Red Cross and the Massachusetts Public Safety Committee provided assistance immediately after the disaster. We have been sending trees to their city centre ever since and it has become a part of the Boston Christmas traditions as well.

From humble beginnings in 1983, the OPG Winter Festival of Lights continues to enchant and delight the many wintertime visitors to Niagara Falls, Ontario. In its first year of operation, approximately 250,000 people and 35 motor coaches visited the OPG Winter Festival of Lights. Since then, the celebration has grown tremendously with attendance now over 1.3 million visitors and 1,060 motor coaches.

Winter Festival of Lights

Savour Your Next Holiday To Canada

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