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Paking Smart and Travelling Light by Est Hotel

Packing Smart and Travelling Light by Est Hotel

Are you a globetrotter? Then you must have experienced situations where you thought that travelling light is definitely something you should try to avoid chaos. The dragging of luggage, the thought of misplacing or forgetting your luggage increases if you have way too many bags. On top of it most airlines charge you more for the luggage. So, why this hassle? Let’s see how we can shed some weight fromyour luggage.

Choose the right bag. The first step is to choose a bag which is not too large! The idea behind this is to give you less space. Less space means less luggage. Choose a bag which is 10%-20% smaller in size than you think you want. Following this practice will make you more packing efficient.Also, limit the number of bags you plan to carry.

Pack “only the essentials” . Think before packing! Pack only the items you think “you need” rather than things that you “might need”, “just in case”. For some situations you can buy local or rent or borrow depending on your budget. Deal with situations as they come. Trust us, you will have better stories to cherish.

Instead of folding, try rolling your clothes for better organizing things. You can also use packing cubes which will help you make most of the space and also put restrictions at the same time. You can have one for t-shirts/tops, one for trousers and so on.

Pack for your trip in advance. Packing just a day before your trip starts will make you pack unnecessary stuff which you might never need. Think about your itinerary, the activities you will be doing and and the things you will need. If you are staying in a hotel you might not need a body wash or shampoo. You can always purchase toiletries when needed from the destination. Or you can fill in small bottles.

Check the weather before packing so that you bring appropriate clothing but not extra clothing. If it’s going to rain pack a poncho instead of a heavy rain jacket and if it’s cold then layer up instead of packing bulky coats.

Wash your clothes. Whether you are in a hostel or a homestay or a hotel, you can always wash your clothes or get them washed. No need to pack something new for every day. Mix and match your clothes.

Travelling light will make your travel so much easier! Transfers, checking in, checking out, roaming in a new city, navigating on foot will be a breeze. Why not try this on your next holiday!

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