Travelling Solo? Why Not!

Travelling Solo? Why Not!

These days we see a lot of people, traveling alone, exploring alone. This solo traveling movement is a trend amongst people irrespective of their age. Many of us feel that travelling alone is boring, more expensive and unsafe but it may actually turn out to be a lifetime experience. We have seen so many solo travelers truly enjoying their holiday and we can surely say that the benefits of traveling alone or weighs the 

Freedom. Don’t feel like getting out of your hotel room? Sure! When you are traveling with someone you have to be considerate about their choices. But when traveling solo you can be utterly selfish and do what you want. You can go to a museum, read a book at that café you always wanted to go, stroll aimlessly around the city or just do nothing. Just imagine being with yourself and do things that you always wanted to do.

Meeting new people. When you are alone just by yourself and you feel the need to socialize , you can always talk to people around. If you just want to be in the moment, enjoy by yourself it’s perfectly okay to not indulge with any discussions and just not bother. And we can guarantee that you will meet the most amazing and interesting people while traveling. You are more likely to talk with locals, meet new friends and socialize which you won’t always do when traveling in a group or with someone. You will actually improve your language and communication skills. And who knows you might just pick up a local language every time you travel alone.

Get to know yourself. With this age where we are constantly around people virtually, we hardly get time to connect with our inner self. Traveling solo will give you a chance to listen to your heart, wander, expand and grow as an individual. You will get a lot of time to pursue your hobby, read that book you were not able to finish, exploring new places all by yourself, hiking or simply sitting. You will be more confident and comfortable.

Set your own schedule. You have the flexibility to be spontaneous and change plans as you wish. You can sleep and watch your favorite series without feeling guilty. You get to choose your own destinations; you get to do all the activities you like without compromising anything.It’s actually cheaper. You are the solo decision maker. You are the one who decides which place to eat and sleep in according to your budget.

Getting out of your comfort zone and improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills. Traveling solo will definitely make you more responsible and open new horizons for you. You will have to navigate in unfamiliar cities all by yourself. You will learn to trust your gut, trust your heart and make decisions which is a really important aspect in life.

Travel, in general feels very good but traveling solo can be an enriching experience. So, what are you waiting for? No excuses! Which is that one place you always wanted to go? Why not does it solo! Let’s start packing.

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